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Buying a Home

Buying a home has become more complex over the years. What was once a simple transaction involving only a sheet or two of paperwork has now become a complex transaction involving contracts with 19 or more pages. Even an average transaction involves 18 to 22 people. While this is certainly not rocket science, you can increase your chances of finding and getting the best house for the best terms by using a Real Estate Professional. In other words....a person who does this full time, everyday to put food on their table.Finding your new Home

Let me hand pick an agent for you. Since I'm not competing for your business I can step back, listen to your needs and help you choose an agent/broker that best meets your specific needs.

Please remember, finding the house sometimes is the easiest part of the transaction. Once found, you and your agent will need to craft an offer based on market conditions that will enable your offer to be accepted by the Seller. Once your offer is accepted, a 4 to 12 week process begins involving work done by Lenders, Underwriter, Appraisers, Inspectors, Septic Pumpers, Contractors, Agents, Brokers, Escrow Officers, Title Officers, all coordinated by the Real Estate Agent representing you.

Below are a few tools that may make finding a home easier. You might want to find a home near a specific school, or you might have an address or an MLS number. From the buttons to the left you will also be able to search for homes using a map as well as learning specific information about schools and neighborhoods.

If you would like to contact me for help in choosing an agent or for more information please use the contact form at the bottom of this page or call me at 360-779-7555.

Search for Listings by Address

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When searching for a home by street address, the street number is required. The street number can, however, be used in a range (ie. 200-300). Also, for a more successful search, use only the first few characters for street name (i.e. GRA for Grant Ave or 70 for 70th street).
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Search for Listings by MLS Number

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Search for listings you have seen or heard about quickly and easily by entering the MLS number(s) in the search boxes to the right!

Find a Home Near a School

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